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Product introduction

Product introduction

◆Ten Ren's Main Products
Ten Ren Tea is committed to product innovation by upholding the business philosophy of being "natural, healthy and hospitable." Tea-based food development incorporates a thousand years of tea culture into the daily lives of consumers, with the hope of providing more diversified products and services. Main products are as follows:

1.Tea leaf series:
Products in this series cover different types of tea, from fully fermented black tea, semi-fermented oolong tea, to non-fermented green tea. In addition to high quality local Taiwanese tea, Ten Ren has also imported special tea from other parts of the world such as China's Pu'er and green tea from Japan. Different package styles such as canned tea, bagged tea, and gift boxes are also available to meet the requirements of different consumers; the most popular products are Cha Wang and Ten Li tea.

2.Food products made with tea:
Ten Ren has developed various snacks using different flavors of tea. Whether they are preserved fruits, peanuts, or pineapple cakes, tea will bring out the best taste in snacks.

3.Health series:
It might be difficult for people in today's busy lifestyle to sit and casually make a cup of tea. Therefore, Ten Ren has developed the green tea tablet series, allowing consumers to easily absorb nutrients within the tea. In addition to antioxidants in tea, Ten Ren has also added different compounds such as probiotics and camellias into different products in order to meet the demand of different groups.

4.TOGO tea beverage series:
Ten Ren cha FOR TEA TOGO extends Ten Ren's tea-oriented concepts by coming up with a wide range of creative tea beverages and making tea-drinking a fun experience. Ten Ren further provides customers with three promises, "fruits, wherever used, are always fresh", "no artificial flavors in tea beverages," and "no trans-fatty acids in milk tea," so that the consumers can always enjoy a fresh, natural, and healthy tea beverage.

5.cha FOR TEA meals made with tea series:
Ten Ren cha FOR TEA has been promoting new tea culture which artfully integrates tea into other ingredients with the concept of "healthy meals, meals made with tea," which not only makes the meals and beverages healthy but also more flavorful. From "Enriching Taiwan, Drinking Tea as a Hobby" to "Enriching Taiwan, Freshness in Season's Best," Ten Ren only uses local ingredients that are in season in our food products, allowing customers to enjoy the healthiest and delicious meals made with Taiwanese tea.

◆Product Innovation & R&D
Course of control in product development

To encourage R&D and product innovation while balancing popularity with practicality, Ten Ren starts with consumer demands and closely integrates the latest popular elements with tea to increase consumer awareness of tea and its health benefits, at the same time providing enjoyment from the fun of drinking tea. In addition to following the "development and management procedure for new products", core values such as youth, leisure, and liveliness are also injected.

1.Meet or create consumer demand:
"Satisfying" consumer demand is the purpose and original intention of Ten Ren's R&D; however, "creating" customer demand is the main purpose of product R&D. The most representative products are:
(1)From our interaction with customers, Ten Ren has found that customers would like to ingest the nutrients in tea, but do not have the time to brew a cup of tea. Therefore, Ten Ren has developed the green tea tablet series to allow customers to easily absorb the nutrients in tea. The green tea tablet series has been ranked number one for ten consecutive years in the health brand surveys conducted by the Common Health Magazine.
(2)Ten Ren green tea powder series are very popular among consumers. Since the main consumer group is female customers, our principle is to create the highest customer satisfaction among female buyers when developing new products. Under this principle, we have developed the "super collagen green tea powder." In addition to having health benefits, following females' natural attraction to looking beautiful, the green powder supplements the skin with collagen which diminishes with age, recovering the skin's vitality and resilience of youth. It has become a very popular product since its launch, and was given the highest honor of "excellent product" in 2014 by the number one Chinese fashion media, FashionGuide, based on online reviews!

2.Combined with market trends:
Ten Ren Tea conducts regular annual surveys for the latest popular elements in the market, and then performs R&D to introduce relevant new products in order to meet market demand; these products have been widely accepted by consumers, for example:

(1)Cold brew tea is less bitter because it releases less caffeine, but more beneficial ingredients are released in tea. Therefore, Ten Ren has developed a cold brew method to replace the hot brew method. The easier brewing method meets the needs of young people and has become quite popular. However, cold brewing takes longer which is about 4 to 8 hours depending on the variety of tea leafs used. Ten Ren's "fast cold brew series" has overcome this obstacle. Through professional cutting technology, tea ingredients can be released rapidly so that consumers can easily enjoy the drink in ordinary plastic bottles.

(2)The market for Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes is very competitive. To cope with the changing preferences of customers, the food industry is introducing new varieties of moon cakes every year. Ten Ren usually starts to develop new flavor for next year's tea moon cakes at the end of the previous year. The market preference for the current year is identified through market research, and then we communicate with the pastry manufacturers in detail and request for their professional recommendations. After repeated sampling, testing, reviewing, and modifications, the favorite moon cakes selected by testers of all ages are chosen and packed into gift boxes.

◆Future development plan for new products
Constant innovation and development is Ten Ren's commitment to sustainability. Any product innovation should showcase the tea culture so that customers can enjoy the fun of drinking tea.