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Sustainable values and strategies

Ten Ren's sustainable values and strategies

Ten Ren Tea's sustainable strategies and management policies are extensions from the highest level of business philosophy of being "natural, healthy, and hospitable," and they are the codes of conduct for the entire Company to follow when developing strategies, setting business goals, and executing tasks.

Ten Ren's Economic Performance

From its establishment, Ten Ren has undergone two organizational and business transformations while upholding the spirit of sustainability, and continued to move towards a stable and foreseeable growth. The goal is to establish sustainable competitive advantages while avoiding speculative and high-risk investments. Therefore, our business performance data have shown a steady growth. The most basic sustainable responsibility of Ten Ren to all stakeholders is to provide the investors, shareholders, and employees with long-term profits in a stable environment while living peacefully and working happily. Ten Ren believes that our commitment for food safety is required in order to achieve a stable long-term growth. Avoid illegitimate businesses to protect the Company from many potential risks.