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Material issues

Material issues of Ten Ren Tea

Performance of the various important issues for stakeholders

Energy saving environmentally friendly green business

Comparison of model, packaging, and production capacity of C-21 and C-28 tea bag machines made by IMA, Italy:

It is expected that one more C-28 model will be added in 2015, resulting in four machines total. After the C-28 production line is set up, along with the automated C-24 introduced in 2004, Ten Ren will have the most powerful tea packaging production lineup. All product series on store shelves, distribution channels, and hypermarkets will be replaced with aluminum-staple-free tea packages which have improved security for its contents and environmental friendliness. Over 90% of Ten Ren's packaged tea will be free of aluminum staples by 2016, which will make Ten Ren the industry leader in this regard. We hope that consumers will have more assurance, trust, and satisfaction toward Ten Ren's packaged tea.