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Please accept our most sincere apologies for the impacts on the overall industry and consumer environment caused by the tea safety incident back in May of 2015! Ten Ren Tea will adopt more stringent standards in order to improve corporate self-supervision, while preparing to create a healthier consumer environment for Taiwan's tea leaves and tea beverages with the regulatory authorities and industry partners. Meanwhile, in addition to expressing our determination to support the regulatory authorities to implement source management, we are also looking forward to a more objective and transparent law enforcement procedure by the regulatory authorities. Standards on pesticide residues should be in line with the main international market, and agricultural policies should encourage division of labor and cooperation between production and marketing in order to promote modernization and internationalization of the tea industry. (Please refer to Section 7.2 in the complete report for additional information)

Tea is one of the wisdom handed down by the ancients; it is also an industry that coexists with Earth. Based on the changes from 1.0 to 2.0, and then 3.0 in the future, Ten Ren aims to draw the public's attention to Ten Ren Tea's determination in making continuous improvements! Ten Ren 2.1 is a preparation for Ten Ren Tea's third wave of transformation, which will improve Ten Ren's sustainable competitiveness through international sustainable thinking, combined with the business strategy of "taking from tea, giving back to the society".

Without culture, tea is no different from other common beverages. Therefore, Ten Ren has established the Lu Yu Center for Tea Art and Ten Ren Tea Culture Museum in 1986 and 2006, respectively, aiming to integrate the tea culture into the daily lives of consumers. Ten Ren has also advocated the value of "tea in LOHAS" during recent years, promoting healthy lifestyles such as eating healthily, being simply dressed, caring for people, loving nature, and reducing waste/pollution.

In order to maintain a positive attitude among employees, external competitions have been replaced with internal competitions at Ten Ren. At the same time, by upholding the highest guiding principles of being "natural, healthy, and hospitable," Ten Ren encourages all employees to offer suggestions to the Company at any time so that the "family business" can evolve into a "business family." Ten Ren is a place where all employees can work peacefully and happily. Ten Ren does not consider itself as one of the biggest corporation, but as the corporation striving for best results by dividing all items into subcategories and trying to be the best in each one of them.

Ten Ren realizes that the key to extend tea culture into the future is to cultivate the young generation. Ten Ren's Tea Time and cha FOR TEA established in 1992 and 2000, respectively, have not only fostered young customers but also attracted young talents to join Ten Ren's corporate family so that the life of tea can be continued. Since its establishment, Ten Ren has insisted in 100% hire of domestic labors, including all outsourced projects. In response to recent food safety crisis which has caused unrest among the public and damaged Taiwan's international image as a gourmet country, since Ten Ren 2.0, Ten Ren has been committed to establishing continuous competitive advantages as well as a stable and foreseeable growth. Ten Ren has insisted on food safety rather than short-term interests, along with strengthening investments for the future. In this report, readers can witness Ten Ren's efforts on food safety, including: the control and management of fatty acids in line with policies established in New York; batch examinations within the tea industry; and being the only company in Taiwan whose full production line has received three major certifications (ISO 22000, HACCP, and ISO 9001).

In the environmental aspect, the tea industry must live in harmony with the environment. Ten Ren believes that the industry, government, and academia should have effective communications and not overdevelop/overuse our natural resources for short-term interests. "Treasuring Resources, Cherishing Hopes" is Ten Ren's sustainable commitment to the natural environment, and it is also the highest principle that allows the tea industry to become sustainable.

Ten Ren 3.0 is our commitment to our stakeholders during the next phase of development; it includes three main aspects: cultural Ten Ren, scientific Ten Ren, and charitable Ten Ren. The era of Ten Ren 1.0 emphasized on tea culture and the leadership of the founder. Ten Ren 3.0 will move towards solidifying the intangible spirit. In addition to continuous enhancement of the value of tea culture, cultural Ten Ran will infuse the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit into the corporate culture. Scientific Ten Ren will strengthen the basic research of tea and e-corporate, as well as improve the power of digital technology and social media in order to be in line with future consumers. Charitable Ten Ren emphasizes on "justice" and "public welfare." Regardless of the procurement personnel, R&D personnel, production personnel, and sales, everyone should comply with the basic principle of justice. Regarding public welfare, Ten Ren focuses on disadvantaged children and assists the children in moving towards the right path as they grow, and hopes that they will become a positive force in the society in the future, actively contributing to the society and making a positive influence.

Chairman Letter

Since the establishment of "Ming Feng Teahouse" in 1953, for more than 60 years, with the spirit of "Starting from Tradition, Growing by Innovation," Ten Ren Tea has continued to make numerous self-breakthroughs in the tea industry with the development of a more diverse, rich, and lively characteristics for "tea".

From tea-tasting, tea-ware design, to trendy tea beverages, Ten Ren promises to always assume the leader's role in the tea industry, and make tea well known throughout Taiwan, all Chinese-speaking regions, as well as the entire world to spread the fragrances and the art of tea further.

General Manager Letter

"A Leader in Taiwanese tea, a Practitioner of LOHAS" is our sincerest commitment. The significance of this commitment is that Ten Ren will continue to transcend itself based on the existing solid foundation. As a leader in the tea industry in both Taiwan and China, Ten Ren will open up a new silk road for this distinctive industry between Taiwan and China and create a more meaningful tea kingdom.

In the future, the Company will continue to support basic research, promote domestic employment, increase domestic investment and procurement, constantly make efforts in technological and operational innovations, establish Ten Ren Taiwan as the main knowledge center and center of excellence for all Ten Ran international branches, and assist all supply chain partners to improve their concept and ability in order to create a greater brand value for Ten Ren Tea.

Finally, once again thank you for your kind support. In the future, Ten Ren will exceed your expectations in order to repay your kindness and care for the place we love.